When Ships Come Sailing In ~

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Going through multiple life changes all at one time within the last two weeks… I came to recognize that Ships Come Sailing In…what I mean is…

Pirate Ships Come Sailing In and Good Ships Come Sailing In- - We have our own Pirate Ships that come into lives, the question is what is our experience of the Pirate Ship in our lives going to be? Is your Inner Harbor Spirit going to prevail, or will the bad pirates come and take over your ship???

Let me explain in a little more detail with the following story…

In times long ago, Pirate Ships would come into port, they would frequently ransack areas, take over other ships, stealing, killing, and leading lives of extreme violence. They frequently created havoc on the sea and shores, engaging in violently nautical excursions taking whatever they could… to go and bury it and hide from others.. their course of actions led to destruction, leading to a life of death, which is symbolized by the skull and bones flag we see on pirate ships. While the Pirate theme for birthday parties, and even bedroom sets may be fun for children today, back in the time of pirates, pirates were anything but fun for the people who encountered them.

So how does this relate to what I have found over the last few weeks and our spiritual lives? We all have Pirate Ships that we come across in our lives everyday, but also, throughout our life. The Pirate Ships and Pirates in our lives can be doubt, second-guessing, and constant questioning, where the Good Ships and Crews for our life are Our Inner Spirit and Grace.

This video is a perfect example of what I am referring to when it comes to the Pirates in our lives and how we handle the Pirates in our lives. If you recognize that no matter what, the Pirates and the Pirate Ships are going to come sailing in, you will make sure you are prepared for knowing how to handle your Pirates….one of the biggest things I have recognized is that the Pirate Ships and the Pirates will try to keep you from your true calling or your true life path. But when the Pirate Ships are Coming and we see them in the bay - it is up to us, whether we allow those Pirate Ships to cause us to Doubt, to destroy our Confidence, or to allow ourselves to be Totally Wrecked by the Pirates - the worries, the concerns, the fear, that want to come aboard our deck, or even the physical ways that things will try to keep us from our goals, or our life purpose. Will we allow ourselves to be taken over and for the Pirate Ships to wreak havoc on our lives? Will we allow ourselves to sail on the seas of life with the Pirates and the Pirate Ships of despair? Or, will we pause and recognize there is a better ship to board? La Grace ~

Let me explain: “La Grace is an authentic replica of a brig from the second half of the 18th century.  based on the plans which were published in Architectura Navalis Mercatoria from 1768 by a Sweedish admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. He was probably the greatest ship constructor of all times who laid foundation to modern ship construction based on accurate building plans. https://www.lagrace.cz/en/lod

Admiral Chapman created blueprints in the book: Architectura Navalis Mercatoria and is credited as the first naval architect who laid the foundations of modern shipbuilding while relying on precise blueprints. Many ships, both naval and merchant ships were constructed using his blueprints, including modern replicas of the historic sailing ships from the 15th to 18th century. Chapman was an admiral man who used his gifts and talents to better the world through his shipbuilding. All of which led to the creation of La Grace.

But La Grace symoblizes more than that. La Grace is when we listen to our inner soul and allow our soul to lead us through our lives, without despair ~ leading us in hope. We overcome our challenges and the pirates in our lives, through courage, confidence, and recognizing that peace and joy are a truth. A truth that God wants us to have every day in our lives, even if that includes struggle, creating a path for the new to exist, listening to the Holy Spirit, and creating a space where the Holy Spirit can open doors we would never have the strength, courage, or faith to open on our own. As opposed to a flag with skull and bones, La Grace has a flag of white; a flag that symbolizes life.

La Grace, the ship, itself has has been created to help others to learn, to revive sailing history…train in marine crafts, and discovery the history of sailing. https://www.lagrace.cz/ . This is also what Grace does in our lives, Grace teaches, leads, revives, uplifts, trains, and leads on to deeper discovery of the Good and of our life path.

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But, at the same time, La Grace, has a dark history. The first La Grace was the name of the ship belonging to the first real Czech seafarer Augustin Heřman. He crossed the Atlantic several times in the service of the Dutch West Indies Company.  Later on, when out of service, he started his carrier as a privateer (a private pirate), raiding Spanish trade ships with La Grace. Eventually, he became the largest exporter of tobacco in America. This part of the history of the ship La Grace shows us that we are all able to be taken over by Pirates, by fear, doubt, or whatever other weaknesses we have… that we all have weaknesses and moments where we miss the mark. But with the reconstruction of La Grace we also see that by GRACE we are able to be restored, to our original beauty, full of confidence, courage, leading a life full of abundant life, as opposed to a life that leads to death. Grace allows our soul to truly shine, authentically shine, the glory it is meant to shine in… it not only leads us our soul to life, but also leads other souls to life, through our example, our testimony to the beauty present in life. In the case of the ship La Grace it is the gift of ship building, of knowledge, science, soul, dedication, love and care that brought revolutionary boat making to come into being and for La Grace to exist.

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We also see, because of the beauty of one soul, that Chapman used his gifts, talents, and passion to create, the world itself was influenced by his charisma to create. We see the long term benefits, especially when looking at our own ships, and naval vessels. One example of this is the USS Constellation. While the USS Constellation sits in the Baltimore Harbor and is a symbol of protection for the Harbor, at one point, it sailed the seas, defending the people, the waters, territory, and the goods that our country had to offer. the USS Constellation fought off pirates and privateers. So what does this mean for our spiritual lives? We also have our own USS Constellations that protect us from the pirates, that protect us from the privateers, and from those who want to harm us and wreak havoc in and on our lives. We have special graces that protects us, but we also have special people in our lives that we can trust and confide in, who protects us and fight for us, and for our dreams, goals, and desires…for us to have a beautiful and fulfilling life.

But through all of this, we also know and recognize, we are called to be most true to our spirit, listening to our spirit and the Holy Spirit, to find our way through life, and to find where God is leading us and how to get there. We are called to anchor down, yet buouy up ~ allowing Grace and our inner spirit to carry us through and lead us to shores of unfailing happiness and love, as well as to be a beacon of light; a lighthouse to others, showing them love, and true pieces of our heart/soul. So when it comes to the difficult questions in your life, the many changes, circumstances, or even the many ways other people manipulate your life, ask yourself…. what is my Inner Spirit Saying? What is my Inner Harbor? Where is my Inner Harbor, and where can my Spirit most soar, bringing Glory and Grace?

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Mary Grenchus