When God Steps In


You can guarantee, when God steps in, you are always bound to have at least one surprise. I would even dare to say, multiple surprises! But all of these multiple surprises are just hidden blessings in disguise. This week, I was reminded of these things when surrounded with multiple pop-up occurrences that I did not foresee. While inspired by them, yet also challenged by them, I recognized the need to just breathe and take everything in. Although there were many frustrating moments, and moments of doubt, questioning, wonder, surprise, and sheer-not knowing, as well as laughter, new meetings, and new energy…there was one thing that kept me centered. Taking the time to take everything in. By taking the time to take everything in, I realized that all of these little things are actually God’s surprises, but, at the same time, they are God creating with me even in the frustrating moments, God is there creating with me . So the next time you have multiple surprises, good and bad, remember, God is stepping in and opening the door for your creativity. God cares about you and wants you to create…. and cares about the joy creativity brings you. God knows that ultimately, creativity, and you creating with God, whether it be a masterpiece, a composition, a book, a relationship, a family, a business, a new life goal or whatever you feel the Holy Spirit asking you to create… this creativity….leads to happiness and joy.

Mary Grenchus