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Welcome to the Grenchus Foundation


A Foundation for Arts, Faith, and Culture

This foundation is being founded on the inspiration of Paul Peter Grenchus and Mary Francis Grenchus who were an amazing couple that always fostered growth in my ability to create, to dream, to be inspired, and to live out my faith.  With a deep love for politics, academics, health, and well-being my grandfather gave me a moral compass to live out my life with. My grandmother, with her love for art, family, and food gave me my deep love for the arts, family and a sense of community.  Both of them have greatly inspired me to be the person I am today. In honor, appreciation, and love for them, as well as my love for ministry to individuals, youth, families and couples, I am opening this foundation to continue to do the beautiful work I love to do. This foundation is a foundation for arts, faith, and culture, where we also offer faith based programs for the individual, couples, youth, and families. This foundation addresses different issues and topics within the family, as well as different faiths, cultures, traditions, and arts. With a grounding in social justice and catholic social teaching, we strive to make a better world for generations to come.


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