True Love's Guide

When true love is present, love pours out and flows out through you, and through the one you are truly in love with. You both become a light to each other and to the world. You become hope, love, joy, peace, and understanding. You become a beacon of hope for others showing them that true love is really possible. You witness to the truth that true love exists in the world and that true love can guide you and lead you through life. More importantly, it shows you that you do not need to be afraid to let true love guide you and lead you - but rather that you can trust where true love leads and guides. This is because true love believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

True love opens your heart to greater understanding, compassion, wisdom, and deeper love. It empowers you to overcome whatever obstacles may exist because true love is everlasting. In open heart pose or open heart form, it causes you heart and your love to grow, blossom, and flourish. You bloom and the other person blooms into what true love is asking and creating between you, to be. True love is everlastingly divine. Nothing can break it, shatter it, destroy it, take it away, or make it become untied. True love is unity among unities. True love creates a way or path for divine goodness to manifest.

True love


True love is forever eternal.

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Mary Grenchus