The Art of Prayer in Love and Intimacy

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One of the biggest questions I get from people asking what they should do in their relationship, especially when they are having difficulties, or trying to understand where the other person is coming from ~ I always respond with ~ the biggest thing you can do first and foremost, is pray for them. By praying for the person you are in love with, or in a relationship with you open your heart more to that person, and by doing so, open yourself up to see God moving and present within you, your relationship, and within the other person. This also empowers you to be put God back in control of the relationship, instead of trying to be in control yourself, or instead of the other person trying to control you. By the other person praying for you, they are also opening up their heart to you, and creathing more of the path for you, together. The other person praying for you also creates better understanding, and when both people are praying for each other and the relationship, it creates better communication.

By both of you turning in a moment of prayer to figure out what the next steps are or what to do, you both are allowing God to take center stage and move pieces into place that you would not be able to do yourself, and also to open up both of your hearts so that God can start creating with you, whatever God wants to create with the two of you, and change whatever God wants to change for the two of you. This brings deep healing to your relationship and between the two of you, empowering you and enabling you to move more deeply into a more intimate relationship with each other. Through whatever the issue is, God will move you into deeper types of intimacy with each other. This is because as your relationship grows in deeper intimacy with God, your relationship grows into deeper intimacy with each other. The more you invite God into the conversation, and into the presence of your relationship, the more you are able to better love each other, express that love to each other, and fall more deeply in love with each other. This is because God is love.

Lastly, when you invite God in, you invite God in to help create solutions to whatever the problems are, or whatever you are struggling with. This means when you pray together, both of your hearts open up to creative solutions, and creating together. You are able to find your way through things more clearly, and overcome challenges more easily because you are working together as a team, but also because God has taken the wheel. In putting God at the center of your relationship, you are able to trust each other more deeply, love each other more deeply, overcome obstacles more easily, create deeper intimacy in different ways, as well as fall more deeply in love with each other.

Mary Grenchus