Why I Love What I Do

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Okay, So many of you are wondering, by this point, what I am doing with my life and how I have gotten to this point to start a Foundation as well as what in the world I am thinking….

Over the summer, I had interview after interview after interview, while working, engaging in World Meeting of Families, dealing with news and changes in the church (as all of us who are Catholic and not Catholic have been), as well as toiling with the idea of the foundation, wanting to help others grow in spirituality as well as in others ways, adoring the arts, being in love, and having the boys… aka being a mother.

With each interview and each question that came up, for some of the questions I knew people were not interested in me, but more interested in my background and my experiences. They were more interested in what I did in and for the church. I knew, based on their line of questioning and what they were focusing on, whether they were going to or not going to hire me, I knew, depending on the group, if I stated I had children, whether they would be accepting of that or not.

Throughout the time, I also had other people calling me about their own issues and insecurities with the Catholic Church, while working - behind the scenes - on major good projects in relation, while also having the same fears, questioning, doubts and a million other things race through my head at the same time. I had “colleagues” in outer realms, major news reporters, major people in religious life, across the board, being shaken to the core with everything in the church that was unearthed one day at a time… while still trying to interview and keep it all together, and having a need to express my own frustrations with people not listening or not creating change.

—Do not worry — this post does not go into a complain fest —

At some point, throughout that process, I asked myself what am I doing? What do I really want and what is God really calling me to, and in what way does God really want me using my life and living life? What is this supposed to look like? What does it include or not include?

And I came to this point, of beginning to develop the foundation. Why - -

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Because ultimately, I love what I do. I love being able to contribute my thoughts and ideas to the church and others and how to make the church and the world a better place by doing so. I love that I love spirituality and am respectful of other faith traditions and see the good in them. I love the arts and promoting them, and encouraging youth and young adults to express themselves through the arts. I love my family, and being a mother, the person I am in love with, and the fact that I want to have more children. I love the fact that my grandparents raised me with this deep faith that stays even when it seems like all hell is breaking lose in and outside of the church and in the world. I love expressing myself through my artwork, and being in the moment with other people as they experience the beauty of life and create. I love making the world a better place. I also love supporting others who are trying to make the world a better place. I love supporting other people in their missions, goals, and dreams and seeing them come to fruition for them and celebrating with them as they reach their goals and as their dreams become fulfilled…whether they are a business person, a stay at home mother, a corporate entrepreneur, a person of deep faith or no faith.

What I came to realize over the summer is that I love what I do. No matter how many people question me, or don’t believe in me, or are supportive of me or not, or whether my children are doing their best or not, I love who I am and all the things that bring me joy in this life. And I am thankful and grateful for them. That includes consulting with church officials and others about different issues, having my own children see the good in the church and in the world despite the bad, having time to help my children with their homework, enjoying arts, and supporting artists in their mission to create and to be creative vessels. Encouraging mothers to be mothers or helping others to find a way to build a well in Africa. Whatever it is, this avenue, the foundation, helps me to bring the message of faith, hope, love, and joy to others.

…. I am doing this because I love what I do….

I love what I do because it empowers me and others to be the best version of ourselves for our lives as well as the lives of others… I love what I do, but more importantly, I love what brings me joy, and how I am able to bring joy to other people.

Peace and Blessings,

~Mary E. Grenchus

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Mary Grenchus