Spring into Action!


Good Morning!

With spring arriving, I am posting this encouragement to spring into action! Through the winter and holidays, sometimes we allow our health to take a back seat! But, with spring here and warmer temperatures, I encourage you to move into action!! Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is important, and there is no time like now to begin to make the health changes, and other changes you would like to make!

Our top 6 recommendations for a healthy spring:

  1. Get outside and get active. Spend 30-45 minutes minimum outside. Ideally your body would benefit from spending around an hour outside. For some of you who have hectic schedules, try to get out anyway - for others of you who know you need more than an hour in nature or doing more physical activity, just make sure everything else stays in balance.

  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Make sure you are bringing in enough water to really sustain you. That is pure water - without all the other ingredients. Yes, coffee, Gatorade, lemonade, and Sanka are great, but they all have extra ingredients in them. Try pure water and watch yourself have an energy boost! Detox yourself from some of the “fake sugar” that is in your daily diet.

  3. Eat!!!! When you increase your physical activity make sure you are bringing in enough calories to sustain a healthy weight. If you are finding it impossible to do this, add in a little extra with carbs, but balance that out with other nutritious and healthy eating. Make sure you are eating all of the healthy food groups, and yes, we do recommend you give yourself a treat too! Our favorites are chocolate and ice cream - have them within moderation - and make sure they do not become your major food group!!!

  4. Invited out for drinks? - Go With Mocktails or something that is alcohol free where able. When you intake alcohol it can effect your hydration level as well as your wake up time, body rhythms, and many other things. Try going with a Mocktail or some other non-alcoholic beverage so you do not feel so horrible the next day, and you are able to continue, in a healthy way, on your exercise routine, as well as fitness and nutrition goals.

  5. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Set your alarm as a reminder if you need to, to actually get to bed at a good time, to give you enough sleep. If people keep trying to call you late into the night, tell them about your new sleep pattern and how you would like it if they could wait until the morning to give you a call - unless it is a dire emergency!

  6. Decrease your time on technology, where able, and enjoy the people around you. We know many jobs involve using social media. With that being said, make sure you are spending enough time away from technology so you do not become all consumed by the techno craze! Having health life balance in relation to this is very important! This includes your smartphone as well! Get out, and enjoy time with friends, family, and those who are most important to you, rather than spending time on social media!

We hope these helpful tips and points help you to maintain health and wellness, and help you to spring into action this spring!

~The Grenchus Foundation

Mary Grenchus