Mère Membership!!

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This program was created because of the need for expectant mothers, new mothers, and all mothers to have the support they need to be who they are truly called to be as a mother while balancing the other areas of life. -Trying to figure it all out? Sign up today!!

Are you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and need some wisdom from mothers who have already been there and done it? Are you needing encouragement and knowledge and wondering what you are really doing? Are you seeking a better way of being as a mother and as someone who does multiple other things? Are you trying to find balance, or your new way of being now that you are a new mother? Are you an older mother looking to share your wisdom with others, making major life transitions, or trying to find your new place as your children are becoming older? Are you a mother who is expecting a child? If so, this is the group for you! Come connect with other mothers to support each other on your journey through motherhood and to support each other as women. Also, come to share helpful information, to discuss the difficulty you are facing right now, and to tune into a weekly Motherly Wisdom session. We are here to help support you in your journey as a mother and understand the challenges of motherhood, but also the blessings of motherhood! Sign up for your Mère Membership below!

Mère Membership is a membership for all Mothers that meets virtually once a week, and has a closed facebook group that serves as a forum, discussion section, provides helpful tools, and weekly email.

Mère Membership
29.00 every month