When Children Create ~

When children create they are opened up to a new way of being and existing in the world.

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They are empowered to think outside of the box, led to ways of self-expression, and new ways of understanding the world and their role in the world. They are free to use their imagination ~ they are ~


When Children Create they begin to believe in themselves, they gain self-esteem and confidence while gaining a deeper appreciation for the world and the materials around them. They learn patience and understanding with themselves, with the materials they are using, with their craft, as well as with those who surround them. They learn to respect each other’s space, as well as to respect each other’s ways of creating and creativity. They are given a chance to see things from a different perspective.

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Through the arts, children are given the opportunity to slow down and look inward, reflect, think, feel, imagine, and create. They are given the chance to get to know their soul, to uncover it, explore it, discover it, and empower it to bring life something that did not exist before ~ a masterpiece. Children are given the time and space to connect more deeply with their soul, and to gain a better understanding of what their soul holds inside of itself.

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This is the beauty of creating with and in the arts. They are opened to a new world inside of themselves and outside of themselves; a world of inner knowledge and a world of grace and beauty.

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Photos at Yale Art Gallery - Family Days

Mary Grenchus