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I opened this website with a desire to create a foundation in honor of my grandparents. Paul Peter Grenchus and Mary Francis (Frances) Grenchus were an amazing couple that always fostered growth in my ability to create, to dream, to be inspired, and to live out my faith.  With a deep love for politics, academics, health, and well-being my grandfather gave me a moral compass to live out my life with. My grandmother, with her love for art, family, and food gave me my deep love for the arts, family and a sense of community.  Both of them have greatly inspired me to be the person I am today. With a desire to give back to society, I am creating this foundation to offer resources for individuals, youth, couples, and families, as well as to support arts, faith, and culture.

On the Arts and Culture:

Since I see the arts as a way to express one's inner-self and to create, I would love to share the gift of the arts with others through different forms of art. Since I believe that the arts tell a story, have history and cause flourishing in society and culture, we have decided to promote the arts in this foundation, as well as offer this as our “giving-back” area. Eventually, we would like to offer grants and scholarships to youth who would like to express their spirituality and themselves through the arts.

~Founder: Mary E. Grenchus

On the Founder:


Mary E. Grenchus

Master of Arts: Spirituality - Fordham University - Enroute

Master of Arts: Theological Studies: Boston College

Bachelor of Arts: Human Development: Binghamton University

French - Universite de Paul Valery

World Youth Day: Panama

World Meeting of Families: Ireland:

World Youth Day: Poland

Director of Youth Faith Formation

Archdiocese of New York: Family Life

St. Aloysius School - Office Administration and Music Teacher

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall - Theology and Religion Teacher

Life Choices Center

President - Inter-Religious Dialogue Committee- Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Hospital Chaplaincies

Pro-Bono Consultation

~Travel abroad: Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, France (virtual assistance and correspondence-Panama, Democratic Republic of Congo,Kenya, parts of Africa, India, Turkey, and others)

~Additional Special Councils

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About Me:

I am a mother of two very wonderful boys and live in Manhattan. I am currently studying Spirituality at Fordham University, have a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Boston College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from Binghamton University. I am grounded in the Catholic faith, and have helped with World Meeting of Families, World Youth Day, while also contributing to the discussion of major topics in the church. I have also engaged in church and parish ministry, taught within private schools as well as worked for universities. I have studied abroad in France, and have traveled to different parts of Europe.  I love supporting the arts, and making deeper connections with artists and art groups as I continuously uncover what brings my soul happiness and joy. In my free time, I am a singer, writer, photographer, and artist (oil, acrylics, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels). I am also an advocate for social justice and human rights, with many friends living in or coming from third-world countries.  I have a deep spirituality which can be seen in my work, in my dreams, and in my creations. My grandfather was Lithuanian-American and my grandmother was Irish-American; thus I have inherited their charming personalities, ethnic cultural traditions and deep sense of love.

Founder: Mary E. Grenchus